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Nothing much really...

2010-01-02 18:27:59 by WokStar

Okay so I thought I'd try and actually animate something for once, so I went out and bought an animation program...unfortunately, I screwed myself over in the fact that WHENEVER I BUY A FREAKING NEW PROGRAM I END UP THROWING MY COMP INTO THE PITS OF HELL. I just get too frustrated. Many a good/okay computer has fallen victim to my now I have this 180 dollar 3D animation program burning a whole through my desk. I should have started with something like Flash or Windows Movie Maker, which I actually tried once. It was like trying to push a guitar through a PVC pipe. Although I have this aching feeling that all animation is like that. The truth is I really have no idea what the hell I'm doing. So any advice on where to start animation wise would be awesome. I already have a moderately good start on the whole artistic talent thing, so all I really need is tips on how NOT to go insane while drawing each freaking frame in a movie and what program to start with. So for now, I'll just spam my page with mediocre art. Peace out.

Nothing much really...


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